Department of Organic Chemistry Universidad de Granada
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The members of the Department of Organic Chemistry of the UGR are distinguished not only by a scientific activity of proven quality but also by a high inventiveness that is reflected in the numerous patents they owned related with a range of social and productive sectors. By this way, our researchers are positioned as highly sensitive actors on the strategic importance of this productivity tool in line with their commitment to serve at the public interest and in the generation of financial resources for the UGR. The Department of Organic Chemistry is one of the most active at the UGR in this field.

A catalogue of the patents which inventorship belongs to the members of our Department can be found herein. Businesses and institutions interested in the commercial exploitation of any of this patent are welcome and invented to contact with the inventors or the Office of Research Results Transfer (OTRI) of the UGR. By this way, the Department of Organic Chemistry helps to dynamise the business innovation system, fostering increased competitiveness.

# Catalogue of Patens available for licensing