Department of Organic Chemistry Universidad de Granada
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56_chemistryThe Organic Chemistry Department’ members are active participants in both fundamental and applied research across a variety of disciplines. Our commitment with excellence is reflected not only in a high scientific productivity in the most renamed international scientific journals but also in the generation of value added innovative and competitive solutions to our socio-economic environment through rigorous R&D activities.

The dynamic of our research groups makes them an attractive choice for those that view research as a cooperative effort. Whether you are an organisation or individual entrepreneur, a world-leading or early-career researcher, or a student entrepreneur with exciting ideas or particular problems that needs innovative solutions you will find at the Department of Organic Chemistry at the UGR people with the knowledge and expertise to assist you and build good relationships, to maximise income and resource, and to set up contract terms.

The efforts carried out up to the present by our highly qualified and motivated research groups enable us for offering a wide portfolio of different technical solutions that you are invited to know more in depth: