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Advancement in scientific knowledge is the chief objective of researchers at Organic Chemistry Department. In line with this mission, a long-standing and strong research profile is one of our remarkably fingerprints. 

The Organic Chemistry Department at the UGR is recognized internationally for its research excellence in a range of specialisms, with seven groups working in different fields of scientific knowledge. Junior and senior research members of these groups are involved in high-quality research programs. Our researchers work in collaboration with many other leading national and international groups carrying out leading-edge research.

Research in the department covers traditional disciplines including the development of new synthetic methodologies, isolation, structural elucidation and synthesis of natural compounds, carbohydrate chemistry, development of new materials and computational studies type. Beyond these traditional boundaries, the Department excels in a number of interdisciplinary areas comprising developments and applications in the fields of hybrid materials, biotechnology, bioorganic chemistry, nanochemistry and supramolecular chemistry.  This synergy has served to bolster the department’s efforts, impact, and reputation.

The quality of our research continues to be recognized through substantial funding through different regional, national and international agencies.

The contributions and interests of the research groups of the Organic Chemistry Department at the UGR are not all described in this short “at-a-glance” vignette.  You are invited to continue to discover the high-impact research happening in our Department of the UGR by exploring the individual webpages of the different research groups.