Security and Safety


Due to the variety of toxic chemicals and hazardous materials used in a laboratory of Organic Chemistry, the research and teaching facilities of the Organic Chemistry Department at the UGR have been carefully designed to create quality and productive environments while ensuring the protection and safety of scientists, students and other laboratory personnel. Protecting human health and life in all of our activities is paramount.

Besides the rational design of our facilities, a major issue at work in a Laboratory of Organic Chemistry is the knowledge and application of a series of safety measures and proper behavior to avoid as far as possible accidents. In turn, an adequate knowledge about how to act in case of an accident is crucial. Likewise, the proper use of chemical solvents and compounds, as well as managing the resulting waste is critical.

The University of Granada, through its Risk & Prevention Service provides a variety of tools and useful information to perform the most safety work in any chemistry laboratory. In this section we provide some useful information concerning some of the points indicated.